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Alignment Quiz: 3 questions to identify threats to long-term success

1. Can employees/partners consistently articulate your vision/value prop?

2. Are you differentiated in reality or just around the conference table?

3. Is your 5-year goal built on real data: intel, product plans, SWOT, trends?

"No" to any of the above? You may face the following risks.

1. Consistently missing your sales / profitability targets.

2. Lost productivity / employee frustration around prioritization.

3. Market share loss to new competitors, products, alternatives

Choose ActivPosition. Achieve end-to-end alignment.

1. Activ8 Brand – comprehensive service, align all brand components to vision.

2. Activ8 Launch – playbook for effective market penetration of new brands.

3. Activ8 Intel – framework for gathering/evaluating/responding to market data.

4. Activ8 Product – product plan, identify products/features you need to win.

5. Activ8 Marketing – custom marketing plan that roadmaps aligns execution.

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