ActivPosition | Our Story



Emerging businesses need marketing too.

The thing about running marketing for mid-to-large tech companies is you encounter hundreds of tech partners along the way, many of which have little-to-no marketing resources to activate their powerful brands and offerings.

In 2014, we decided to change that. ActivPosition was formed with the mission of helping orgs with incredible growth potential activate their brands with professional marketing services at affordable prices.

After a decade in business, AP has worked with 100+ tech companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 500.


Growth-mode companies get busy. Really busy.

It’s easy to start with a focus on marketing and then repeatedly let it slide in the face of seemingly more important priorities.

Our vision has always been to not only help B2B tech companies activate their brands, but help them stay active over time.
This means more than just campaign execution. Think processes, marketing operations, MARTECH and the like.

Clients get the most from their marketing investment thanks to AP’s wide range of skills and experience.


Successful people can be humble.

If you are looking for the agency that bullies or wows with unshakeable arrogance, we are not for you.

We are the agency that listens to your vision and ideas. We feed off your passion and translate it into marketing programs that align with your objectives.

That doesn’t mean we are “yes people”. You can expect respectful differences in opinion as well as experienced-based guidance that may take you in a different direction should we identify something we know should be reconsidered.

Collaboration is key to maximize success. It’s what we do.